What can I expect?
Your first consultation involves an in depth medical history and discussion of your health concerns. Any appropriate physical exams or tests will follow and allow a personalized treatment plan to be designed to suit you. The consult usually takes between 60 and 90 minutes.

Will I need to return for other visits?
Follow-up visits are booked as necessary to review progress and to make appropriate changes to your treatment program. The usual follow-up appointment for a long standing problem is one month. The number of treatments varies according to the severity, complexity and how chronic or long term your condition is. Your practitioner should give you a time line and let you know how soon you should expect to see results.

Will my prescription medications interfere with treatment?
Often after a visit your natural therapist will prescribe 3-4 medicines and supplements to support, speed or enhance recovery. Practitioners are trained to determine exactly how these will interact with your other prescriptions to ensure your safety. In some cases you will find the need for your traditional medicine to be decreased or be stopped. If this is the case, you will often require supervision and co-ordination between your natural therapist and your MP. (Medical Practitioner)

What if I have more than one health concern?
Due to the holistic or whole body approach to Natural Medicine, clients often feel that treatment for one area can bring about a wellness change in many other areas. Your primary health concern warrants the main treatment focus and once this is improving, you can choose to return in order to optimize health by ensuring other concerns are looked after.